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WEB CREATION FRANCE is more than just a one-stop website creation site. It offers all these services as part of its basic package:


* submission to top search engines
* domain name registration
* hosting
* emails


and for a further fee:


* bi-lingual English-French site
* full SEO# support


# search engine optimization


WEBSITE CREATION FRANCE specialises in simple, clear and uncluttered design. Our websites are designed to show quickly on the screen. Users can find the information they seek rapidly and efficiently through simple navigational links.


As we are based in France most of our sites are bi-lingual - English-French.


As you can see from our portfolio we have made a lot of tourism-related sites: these are particularly of interest to gîte and hotel owners wishing to attract guests from abroad. A typical bi-lingual tourism-related site takes less than 10 days to create: prices start at €199.


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Website translation


We can translate your French website into English.

Or your English website into French

Double your customer volume with a perfect translation.


No machines used here!


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