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On this page you'll see examples of some of the sites we've created.


There are 4 basic styles:

* LARGE site - site with a hundred or so pages with a format that allows the owner to vary the page layout with either ads or pertinent information alongside text.


* SIMPLICITY - our most popular style which is especially suitable for bi-lingual Gite or cottage sites. Extremely rapid loading and straight-to-the-point layout and navigation.


* ARTISTIC - this style relies on the impact of a high quality photograph on each page. The photo then dominates the page with its principal colours reflected in the background shades. Suitable for quality tourism sites, photographic sites and 'art' sites in general.


* WEB 2.0 - this is the name we've given to this sort of site (the one you're reading) with its clear, sparse layout and clear graphics. Surprisingly successful with hotel and gîte sites who want to attract clients with the clarity of their offer - rather than the quantity or complexity of their services.

A recent example:
















WEB 2.0



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